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[ comfort zone ] presents "Tranquillity™, a holistic relaxation treatment system created with the brand in 1996 and immediately became a renowned icon for its unique integrated approach to healing self-care. [ comfort zone ]’s signature olfactory blends of soft notes in its refined essential oils - selected for their anti-stress properties -, have always been used at the beginning of all professional treatments and contributes to relaxing the body and mind. The aromatic notes of the blend exemplify all the products of the homecare bath and body ritual, as well as the entire professional line.

The formulas of the Tranquillity line have been reengineered according to the new “Science-based Conscious Formulas™” requirements and contain no silicones or SLES, and are crafted with up to 96% of natural origin ingredients. Manufactured in Italy with competence and care, Tranquillity™ products are produced using energy from renewable sources and with 100% recyclable materials.

Tranquillity™ is also known for its SILKY TOUCH textures that, because of the high oil and butter contents, are particularly nourishing and pleasant on the skin, and have an extraordinary silkening effect. 



The latest in professional treatments is the TRANQUILLITY™ PRO-SLEEP MASSAGE, an extremely innovative ritual that is highly effective in relaxing body and mind to reduce tension, difficulty in sleeping and jet lag consequences that are all too common given our busy stressful lives.  This body treatment uses the three sensories (smell, hearing and touch) to clear the mind and help the body discover total relaxation, which are necessary to recharge our batteries and manage our daily life in a more sustainable fashion.  



Scientific studies continue to confirm that reaching deep relaxation is indispensable in maintaining optimal body and mind health. However, an increasing number of people find it difficult to get a good night's sleep and seek natural solutions that can help disconnect from a tense hurried life.


In a quest to seek a solution, [ comfort zone ] has created a professional treatment that targets the three senses (smell, hearing and touch) to accompany and synergistically favour a progressive relaxation, which is a prerequisite for a good sleep.


Utilizing the principles of aromatherapy, the Tranquillity™ Pro-sleep massage positively stimulates the limbic system to achieve a complete wellbeing of body and mind by beginning the treatment with the oil and ending with the massage cream.


The Tranquillity™ Soundtrack (specifically created for this ritual) provides a slow, hypnotic rhythm, and accustoms the mind to a repetitive intoxicating sound. Sounds merge with the slowness of movements creating a reconciling and protective atmosphere.


The gentle touch and the alternated and combined use of two extremely soft brushes stimulate special nerve fibres called C Fibres, that have been recently identified for their relaxing effects on the mind. They are only activated when gently and softly stimulated, and thus deliver a peaceful and tranquil message to the brain.


Designed to rebalance jet-lag effects, the Tranquillity™ Pro-Sleep Massage is extremely beneficial to restore balance and wellbeing in particularly stressful periods, such as a disturbed night's sleep after long trips across time zones.


DURATION: 60 minutes

PRICE: HK$1180


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